So You Want To Watch Soccer In Europe Do You?

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Recently I was given the opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks to the forward thinking owners at the company I work for, I was allowed to take a few months off from my incredibly stressful job in IT consulting and go to Europe in order to watch the beautiful game. As someone who loves nothing more than to go to matches in my hometown of Portland, Oregon to passionately support the team I love, I was overwhelmed with the possibilities. All my life I have had to watch the great clubs of Europe on television when what I really wanted was to be there in person. Could there be anything better than leaving the stress and anxiety of my job behind while traveling around Europe to watch footie live and in person? I don’t think that there is.

There are already seemingly millions of travel related blogs out there and I’m not going to try and kid myself into thinking I can come close to providing the kind of interesting and insightful journal that so many others publish on a daily basis. Instead, my whole purpose is to try and appeal to that rarest of Americans, the soccer fan. I haven’t even left for Europe yet but I’ve already run in to some stumbling blocks and the reality of what I want to accomplish is getting in the way of my dream. I hope to share what I learn along the way with other fans who might want to cross the pond and take in some real European football and hopefully make the experience easier and more enjoyable for them as a result of my struggles.