Planning Advice- Hook Up With An Insider

by , under Soccer

Another piece of advice that seems so simple and obvious to me now is to try and make contact with local fans. I was put in touch with two fan club presidents from two different clubs but unfortunately the only matches that I could make it to were all sold out. When this didn’t work out I sort of just forgot about it until the time came for the game in Stockholm.

This was near the end of my trip so I couldn’t practice what I’m going to preach to you. Having someone who cares about the club, knows the club inside and out and is willing to share that with you is a sure fire way to have the time of your life.

If you’ve joined a fan club, that would be a great place to start. One thing that will always translate no matter what the language is a passion for football. I’ve seen it first hand when the Portland Timbers have hosted teams from England. Fans from visiting teams are practically treated like rock stars and if you’re lucky you might experience the same thing.

If there is an English language message board, look it over and see how visiting fans have been treated in the past. If you can’t find anything to go on, go ahead and post and share your story. Even if you don’t get a place to stay or someone to show you around out of it, you’ll probably get some good insider information about where to eat and drink come match day.