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Migrate CalDAV data to Mac OS 10.8 server From A Different Server Running 10.5 or 10.6

I had a hell of a time getting CalDAV data to import properly on a Mountain Lion server that didn’t have CalDAV on it originally. Before the upgrade I had two different Xserves, one acting as the OD master running … Continue reading

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Cisco RVS4000 with IPSecuritas

For the main setup document, go here. I couldn’t get this to work with an RVS4000 until I made some changes to the Phase 2 settings in IPSecuritas. By default, multiple encryption and authentication settings were checked and it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Seattle Sounders Tifo

By Brent Diskin

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Outlook 2011 Moving Exchange Messages To On My Computer

I had a problem where Outlook 2011 was moving sent and inbox messages from the Exchange folders to the inbox under On My Computer. The solution was to go to Tools -> Mailing List Manager and turn off the rule … Continue reading

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Bugzilla and MySql errors

First off, if you’re trying to install Bugzilla 4.x on 10.5 server, don’t. At least as of Bugzilla version 4.0, it just won’t complete the localconfig script properly. Go back to version 3.6.4 and try again. If you’re seeing the … Continue reading

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Using The ZyXEL WAP3205 Wireless Bridge With Airport

I recently bought a ZyXEL WAP3205 so that I could connect a TiVo series 1 to my wireless network. Now that every thing is working I’m very happy with this device. Getting things up and going wasn’t as simple as … Continue reading

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Can’t delete a user from Workgroup Manager? Try this

If you get the following error when trying to remove a user from Workgroup Manager – eDSAuthNoAuthServerFound -14102 Try changing the users password to Crypt first.

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So You Want To Watch Soccer In Europe Do You?

Recently I was given the opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks to the forward thinking owners at the company I work for, I was allowed to take a few months off from my incredibly stressful job in IT consulting and go … Continue reading

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Planning Advice- Hook Up With An Insider

Another piece of advice that seems so simple and obvious to me now is to try and make contact with local fans. I was put in touch with two fan club presidents from two different clubs but unfortunately the only … Continue reading

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Planning Advice- Join The Club

Here’s the biggest thing I want to share with you so far. Buying tickets in advance for European football is nearly impossible. Just about every club I’ve looked at doesn’t even allow me to see if there are tickets available … Continue reading

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